Friendly Sport Education Tools

Today’s learners want to make independent, quality choices about how they spend their time, their need for practice, and their readiness for testing.

Online learners also expect to be able to access a support community of other students, instructors, course authors, tutors, mentors, and coaches as they go about their learning.

Online Tutor is a complete online learning platform that enables self-directed learning and easy access to an online support community.

The platform includes a simple, powerful content assembly tool for rapid course authoring; a standardized, Internet browser-based lesson viewer; an automated tracking and testing component; a full-featured online Learning Management System; and a line of multi-purpose, interactive software products for activity planning.

This learning platform enables knowledge experts – who may have little or no programming experience – to easily author learning content, and then to make it accessible online to individuals or groups of learners within an organization.

Learning modules created with Sport Tutor can include full-motion video, audio, and text, printable supplementary documents a, d web links. Lessons can be published to Internet.

The learning platform includes four components:

Lesson Builder: Enables the creation, organization, and publication of interactive, multimedia lessons and exams, practice tests, user surveys, and assignments that may be submitted for grading.

Lesson Viewer: Provides a consistent, easy-to-navigate, browser-based learning environment. Backgrounds, media types, and panel styles may be easily changed from lesson to lesson, while the delivery platform’s navigation controls are standard.

Lesson Marker: Automatically marks multiple choice and true/false questions, tabulates scores, and returns graded results. Text-based responses are compared with the answer provided by the author and allow the marker to comment on the student’s response.

Course Builder: An online Learning Management System that gives organizations complete administrative control over the online management of courses and students. Features include: permission-based online registration and tracking, built-in e-commerce, catalog system, and a built-in affiliate program

In the business world, the work that people put into gaining knowledge is likely to be measured against the potential to improve performance. Such improvement might mean lowered costs, time saved, competitive advantages realized, innovations made and problems solved.

Though the outcomes may seem different in sport, the push to make the best use of people’s intelligence, time, and experience creates a similar need for organizational knowledge-sharing tools.

Coaches and team managers, like most busy professionals, have to meet the challenge of having enough hours in the day to do all the work that needs to be done. Managing teams and perfecting plans for practices and games are two constant challenges that require specialized, flexible solutions.


SportWebTM Trainer enables sports organizations to provide an effective and efficient means for athletes to:

  1. Record and analyze the progress of their training, 
  2. Communicate online with their coaches about their training
  3. Gain access to a wide variety of training-related resources specific to their particular team or training group.
  4. Gain access to a range of generic science, medical and other information provided by provincial coaching coordinators and other content experts.


  • Record and Analyze Training
    • Tracking features include:
      • Record: SportWeb Trainer contains a Diary feature that is designed to allow athletes to enter information on a daily basis into an online Training Diary. Coaches can use the Custom Form Generator to create Diary entry forms or they can use the pre-made forms that are included with SportWeb Trainer.
      • Analyze: Coaches and resource personnel can use the built in Graph/Chart Generator to create a wide variety of bar, pie or line graphs and charts in order to analyze their athletes performance over time or as compared to other athletes.
  • Communicate with Coaches
    • Communication features include:
      • Information Sharing: Athletes can choose to share part, or all, of their Diary with coaches or team/sport resource personnel
      • Permission Based Access: Athletes choose who can see their Training Diary and can communicate securely online with team coaches, personal coaches, resource personnel and others to whom they have given permission.
      • Message Center allows athletes and coaches to communicate by leaving messages for each other.
      • Bulletin Board enables coaches to post general announcements to a team or club.