What is a Coaching Program

A career in coaching offers many challenging and rewarding opportunities. today, an increasing number of community-level sports demand that their coaches be fully trained and certified professionals.

If you want the qualifications to be a professional coach at the community-sport level, the Coaching Diploma Program at Douglas College is the ideal place to start.

The program will train and prepare you for a career in club coaching, and provides a link with university degree programs in Physical Education and Coaching, and the National Coaching Institute at the University of Victoria.

Students will be eligible to receive NCCP Level III Theory through the program, but students will be required to gain the NCCP Technical certification outside the program. you will graduate with a wide variety of skills including the ability to organize and promote club-level activities.

The program will stress generic as well as sport-specific coaching techniques and will involve three learning Preceptorships or Practicums.

Evaluation Tools for coaches

Throughout the sport system, there continue to be requests for evaluation tools to be used by clubs and associations in their assessment of coaches. The Coaches Association of BC has now developed a user-friendly system to evaluate all levels of coaches in British Columbia.

The coaching evaluation tool is designed for all coaching levels, from the community/recreation coach all the way to the professional coach. The CABC has created three template evaluations as well as a self-evaluation that allows coaches to assess their skills in a variety of areas.

This is a free service provided by the CABC and we hope this tool will enable sport organizations in BC to gain some insight into how their coaches are doing.

Because there is always the possibility that the evaluations we’ve developed do not include some points that certain organizations may feel to be very important, we have also included an Additional Questions section.

This section will contain several categories with a variety of questions in each category. If a sport organization feels that our suggested evaluation form is missing some key points, they can simply add questions from our list, or add their own questions to create an evaluation that meets their standards.

Each evaluation form that we have developed includes a marking system, making it easy to calculate the results.

  • Organizational Skills
  • Instructional Skills
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Being a coach, whether at the community or elite level takes a commitment of time, energy and emotion. You are appreciated by those who recognize the importance of your involvement in a person’s life.

These guidelines and exercises have been created by leaders in the sport and recreation field to help you and your athletes get the most from your coaching by participating in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

It starts by taking 20 minutes in your first practice to set up your season for success. It’s always good to involve both parents and participants, especially if you are coaching young athletes.